About Tokyo Metropolitan Aviation Network

Tokyo Metropolitan Aviation Network (TMAN) is a cluster of the most highly skilled and experienced Tokyo-area small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector.
The cluster assembles SME manufacturers with versatile abilities, therefore, aiming at a ‘cluster formation that can fulfill the global demand of the multiple or integrated process production scheme’.
TMAN will support customers’ supply chains by its superb performance created by the formation.


Facts and figures (as of May. 2024)

Members: 70 companies (mostly SMEs)
Research institute:Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (TIRI)
Airport in the region:Two international airports in Haneda and Narita
Year of creation:2015


Members (※Refer to supplier for detail)

The cluster is composed with established and potential suppliers of aircraft parts.
The established suppliers provide domestic Tier-1 and Tier-2 core manufacturers with aircraft parts based on accumulated experiences in commercial, defense and MRO sectors,


Competence and strategy (※Refer to supplier for detail)


TMAN conducts its mission to support and encourage members to build their competitiveness to respond to the future demands in aviation industry with their established processing expertise, quality excellence, and operational performance boosted by the regional advantage as a center of Japanese economics and industry, besides the firm supports by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and TIRI.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government helps with the growth of competitive players and creation of business opportunities in global aviation markets. In addition, TIRI helps with the production R & D, interpretation of aviation standards or specifications, prototyping products, and personnel trainings.


Support services

・Quality accreditation(※Refer to accreditation of individual company)
Majority of TMAN members, as many as 36, have already accredited as an AS/EN/JISQ 9100 certificate holder, and some of them are also Nadcap certified for various processes.
The members are always serious to ensure their quality integrity.

・Business development
TMAN’s support services for a business development include;
BtoB opportunity corresponding to a member’s scope,
Internal business collaboration enhancement, and
Workshops for a business solution applicable to a member’s challenge.

・Technological innovation
TMAN’s support services for a technical innovation include;
Seminars for specified technical and business information,
Helps by registered experts in various aspects, and
Supports by TIRI.


Cluster Vision

TMAN creates its value by building up strong competitiveness of individuals.

TMAN has been refining technical abilities and maintaining high quality, then seeking to identify its goal,
through member’s enthusiastic effort towards the aviation industry,
through the supports by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and TIRI, and
especially, through the purchases and orders by our customers.

TMAN will strive to become an assembly of versatile and competent suppliers
by maximizing an individual ability,
achieving solutions to challenges, and
further enhancing internal cooperation.

TMAN will keep contributing to the growth bridging to the next generation of the aviation industry in Japan, observing the demand for multi-process integrated production, and activating further networking with the rest of the domestic clusters.