Up-to-date Information from TMAN for JA2018

This article updates information about TMAN’s participation at JAPAN INTERNATIONAL AEROSPACE EXHIBITION 2018 TOKYO (JA2018) (Nov 28-30).
Please come to see us at TMAN booth 7506, Tokyo Big Site East 7 Hall.

TMAN Leaflet:Click here
We have “Enjoy Tokyo Sake Party” on November 29th (the Second Day) 2 PM.

Panels for participating companies displayed at the TMAN booth: Click each company to expand the image.


Urano CO., LTD.

TOKYOSHOW_SANNO Techno-Arts Co., Ltd.

SANNO Techno-Arts Co., Ltd.

TOKYOSHOW_Sugasawa Seiki CO., LTD.

Sugasawa Seiki CO., LTD.

TOKYOSHOW_Daishin Seiki Corporation

Daishin Seiki Corporation

TOKYOSHOW_Dowa Forging Co., Ltd.

Dowa Forging Co., Ltd.

TOKYOSHOW_Nagase Co., Ltd.

Nagase Co., Ltd.

TOKYOSHOW_Hachiyoo Inc.

Hachiyoo Inc.

TOKYOSHOW_Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


MARKTEC Corporation

TOKYOSHOW_Mimasu Industries Co., Ltd.

Mimasu Industries Co., Ltd.

TOKYOSHOW_Yamato Gokin CO., LTD.

Yamato Gokin CO., LTD.

TOKYOSHOW_YUKI Precision Co., Ltd.

YUKI Precision Co., Ltd.

TOKYOSHOW_Yoshimasu Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Yoshimasu Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

TOKYOSHOW_Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute

Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute